UK economic growth best since 2010

Dare we hope?

In the third quarter of 2013 the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 0.8%. Don’t be dismayed by the small percentage. The key is it’s a positive number and the best growth indicator published since 2010.

Hidden within this increase are some pleasant surprises:

• A 2.5% surge in construction activity, bolstered in part by the Governments Help to Buy initiative.
• Production grew by 0.5%
• Manufacturing by 0.9%
• The UK’s manufacturing activity was the highest in the G7 group in September

Overall, in the last year Britain’s economy has grown by 1.9%.

Politicians will no doubt interpret these results in different ways. The Government will likely consider these results a vindication of their economic policy. A Treasury spokesperson said has already commented:

“Today’s GDP figures show that Britain’s hard work is paying off and the country is on the path to prosperity.

Many risks remain, but thanks to our economic plan the recovery now has real momentum.

All parts of the economy are growing, the deficit is falling and jobs are being created – and that’s the only sustainable way to raise living standards for hardworking families.”

No doubt the opposition parties would stress that whilst “All parts of the economy [may be] growing” wealth and living standards are rising fastest in London and the South-East.

Never-the-less the news has to be welcome. It is time to talk-up economic activity and start to see that we may indeed be over the worst.

Dare we hope? Yes, why not…